I know it’s a personal question, but it’s important. Did you know the shade of your underwear can completely change your mood? … and for all of us ladies who opt for a little black lacey number on date night – well you should NEVER wear black if your hoping for a lively and romantic night!

Before I get groaned at, yes, I know there are those days when were lucky to find a matching set in the draw, and we resort to our period or fat pants, but how do we feel when we wear them?

It doesn’t feel good does it? It doesn’t make us want to strut round the bedroom or do a happy dance. We feel fat, we feel tired, we feel grey and to top it off we feel unsexy and unattractive.

So, I’m here to tell you colour is not just for your clothes and make up, it’s your underwear too.

  • Even if people can’t see the colour of your underwear, it’s important
  • Colours influence your skin which changes your energy
  • Black, grey and white provide no energy, the best colour for women is ultra-marine blue

If you’ve been feeling a little lacklustre of late, an unusual tip could prove life-changing. All it takes is switching up the colour of your underwear. The colour of the underwear you choose will influence your mood and energy, even if no one can see them.

As Miranda (sex in the city) once said: ‘Put on some nice underwear, and you’ll keep your husband.’ Now ladies I’m not saying you only wear nice underwear for your partner – heaven forbid – you wear it for you. But now we’re being told ‘nice’ just won’t cut it – you need to pay attention to colour!

Your base chakra is around your lower stomach area, near the line where your underwear would sit. Which is why the colour of your underwear is particularly important.’ Any fan of the movie Ten Things I Hate About You will remember the pearl of wisdom: ‘You don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it’.

But according to colour experts black is, in fact, a poor choice for the bedroom. Black isn’t the sexiest colour underwear, it cancels your energy. It was just a thing people told us to sell underwear, but from a colour expert point of view it’s not the case, it’s not good for your energy levels.

In terms of the way others perceive you and the message it sends, in the bedroom you should wear red.

Blue: ‘I’m executive, trust worthy and self-reliant – so be creative
Red: ‘I’m sexually active and an extrovert’
White – Treat me like an angel I’m delicate and fragile
Green: I’m secure and care about others’
Maroon: I’m sociable and sensuous’
Purple: loyal and sensitive’
Yellow: I’m a social animal and intelligent, you’re going to have to work hard

‘If you’re in all red, it’s very sexually active. It says I’m an extrovert and I need physical energy.’

If you’ve got an important job interview, for women, you should wear a deep blue (that’s goes for your underwear too). ‘It’s a very calming colour, it says I’m very professional and even though I would imagine you’re not going to show your potential employer your pants it sets you in the right mindset.

For men: ‘The safest option is a navy-blue suit, a tie that doesn’t have stripes nor directional patterns.

For people trying to get more sleep, or trying to get their children to sleep better, you’ve got two options: ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s pale blue or pale pink sheets or whether your buy pyjamas in those colours, it will help you sleep because they’re extremely relaxing and calming’

Did you know that sometimes we are drawn to a colour subconsciously because it’s the energy our body requires? What you’re naturally drawn to is the vibration level you need.

The big no-no’s for colour is black, grey or white. ‘Black says “I’m trying to control you”, grey says, “I’m not emotionally involved with anybody” and white says “I just need space.”

55 per cent of what people treat you like is what they can visually see, colour plays a massive part in that. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so pick your colours carefully!