On a first date, it usually takes a man about 60 seconds to decide whether he wants to take you out on a second date.

Wait – what?

Is that even possible?

Sure it is! These crucial “micro-moments” happen all the time in life, and not just with dating…

Think about the last job interview you went on where you really, really wanted the position:

There you were, dressed in your best interview suit, crisp resume in hand… You sat down, as confidently as possible, across from your would-be boss, and you began speaking.

What happened next?

Did you feel like you “clicked” with her instantly? Did the conversation flow effortlessly? Did you feel absolutely certain, as you strode out the door, that you nailed it and she’d be calling you right away to offer you the position?

ng, “I can’t WAIT to see her ag

OR… Did you get off on the wrong foot somehow? Did you immediately feel that she was judging you based on something you couldn’t put your finger on, which triggered your insecurities, threw off your game, and suddenly you just knew you didn’t stand a chance to land your dream job?

Same goes for your first date…

If these “micro-moments” go your way, you make a connection with your guy that could lead to something more…

…and if not, you part ways, delete his number from your phone, and never end up seeing him again.

Well, as your dating coach, my first priority is making sure YOU are excited about the man you’re on a date with in the first place.

Assuming this is true, my next goal is to help you get control of the situation – specifically those first 60 seconds

…but I’m also going to dig deeper into male psychology and hand you my very best insights into what men want so you can keep the guy YOU’VE decided is worthy of you hooked for life.

Let’s get into it…

5 Things a Man Notices That Make Him Want You… IMMEDIATELY!

1. Men notice your joy for life

Do you greet him warmly? Do you smile and show you’re excited about the date? Do you seem like someone who has a passionate life?

A guy is noticing all these things when you introduce yourself.

If you give him a limp-wristed handshake and have a neutral uninterested look, he’ll assume you’re going to be a major downer rather than someone who brings positive and general good vibes into his world.

I just used the term “good vibes,” and I kind of hate myself for it. But it’s true.

He’s praying you’ll be easy to talk to. He’s crossing his fingers hoping you’ll have a big smile and a great energy. He’s hoping you’ll answer his questions enthusiastically and show you’re the kind of person who is excited about what you’re doing.

It sounds like a lot of pressure, but really, this is what everyone should be like who lives with passion.

2. Men notice when you’re interested

One thing that guys notice very quickly is whether a woman is self-involved or interested in getting to know him better.

If you don’t ask any questions or seem like you want to hear more about who he is, it makes him feel distant and he’ll quickly be turned off.

It’s easy to fall into a passive mode of answering questions without reciprocating and showing genuine interest in the other person. Watch out for this trap in any interaction. Yes, men are often doing the impressing on a date, but he needs to see that you are intrigued by him as well.

You’d be shocked at how many women don’t do this.

3. Men notice when you’re self-expressive

How closed is your body language? Do you tend to hold back from expressing yourself or laughing or giving an opinion?

When a guy feels like you’re holding back, he feels like he’s not getting to the more vulnerable part of your personality that reveals who you really are. If you have defensive barriers or you get

uncomfortable with real conversation, he’ll often interpret this as insecurity, which is a huge turn-off on a first date.

If you want to date a confident guy, it’s crucial to show you are comfortable with being expressive and showing your authentic self.

4. Men notice when you pay attention to detail

Women are turned off by sloppy, dishevelled appearance and so are men.

When he first sees you for a date he’s asking himself: Did she make an effort to look attractive?

You don’t have to always show up in the tiny red dress you save for formal dinners, but if you’re rocking up in ill-fitted jeans and a hoodie, no matter how pretty he finds you, he’s going to be asking

himself whether you’re someone he could be attracted to long-term.

(FYI – I’m aware that guys are more often the culprits for being bad dressers, but believe me, as a guy who has been on his share of first dates, there are also women who don’t make the effort, and men do notice…)

5. Men notice your sexual confidence

Sexual confidence is not always easy to define, but it’s very easy for men to spot when someone doesn’t have it.

Men are looking for the quality that makes them stand up and take notice of you as more than a friend. It’s the slight glint in your eye or the warm hug when you meet them that makes them aware of your body for half a second. It’s sensing you’re comfortable with contact, even if it’s a tiny touch on the hand or arm.

It may be more accurate here to say physical confidence, but either way, it’s this that really changes you from a potential friend in a guy’s head to someone he thinks about sexually. If you get stuck in the friend zone a lot, or don’t know how to get a guy to kiss you, this is the area to focus on!

Now that you know what makes a man want you in the first minute he spends with you, you can push all of the right romantic buttons to make him desperate to take you out on a second date.


Now this is a huge deal, of course, because MANY daters crash and burn at this stage and never see each other again.

BUT, let’s get real…

with enough effort (and a couple glasses of wine), it’s simple enough to nail a first impression.

What happens NEXT is when things really get complicated.

In fact, the beginning stages of dating are the absolute trickiest time to get right.

Because men and women can think and communicate so differently, there are dozens of “relationship landmines” to get past before you can arrive safely at the committed relationship you crave.

But YOU don’t have to stress about this like every other woman out there.

I’m about to hand you the key to unlock how men really think, and give you the tools to get it right with men, right away.

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