FEW IDEAS THAT MIGHT BE USEFUL AS YOU MEET PEOPLE AND MAYBE START DATING, OR START A NEW RELATIONSHIP, Can’t give you what you want but we can work together to achieve it

  • Keep your option open don’t be discouraged, take time before you judge

  • It’s ok to be embarrassed, Welcome the unexpected

  • There’s no hurry, Meet their friends

  • Find your match, Use an external point of view

  • Set your standards high

  • Starting a new relationship: there’s no perfect attitude for relationships

  • Be honest, use an external point of view, Make an extra effort

  • If you disagree with you partner, appreciate the difference

  • A relationship is what you do together

  • Remember that manipulation is inevitable

  • Laugh at yourself

  • Challenge yourself to do, say something you found difficult

  • Don’t expect to win every argument

  • Value yourself

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