Knowing that you’re single is killing you inside...💔

… Day by day a little more?🫀

Here's how to find the woman God has for you! 👇

(If you read this you could genuinely change your life.

I suggest you pause whatever you’re doing and pay attention for just a couple of minutes.)

If you have thoughts like:

Thoughts like these are a symptom of subconscious emotional baggage rooted in your mind…

Emotional baggage will leave you single forever💔

Because emotional baggage traps the inner child🔗

When your inner child is trapped, it will lead to:

⚠️ Thinking you don’t know where to meet people,


⚠️ Shyness and thinking you’re not good at talking to new people,


⚠️ Unsure when someone is interested in you or not, and thinking you wouldn’t make a great partner.

On the other hand, if you’re able to untrap the inner child this can be your future:



😩You come home with your work bag weighing on your shoulders, wanting to scream because of stress… 


Then, as soon as you get home…


💞You see the smile of your gorgeous angel, who jumps in your arms, and you feel the chills as she makes those adorable giggly noises


She hugs you, she kisses you, and she lets you touch her butt😉…


 “I missed you so much🥺” She says…


You feel her kiss and her warm cheeks against your own…


❣️Seconds later, you both drop on the sofa and cuddle, kiss and hug each other


Wrapping your arms around each other and feeling each other’s warmth…


Can you imagine being with a loving, loyal woman, who’s your best friend, and believes in you…

Now that I told you what's keeping you from finding the woman of your dreams,

I'll show you exactly how to solve the problem of emotional baggage.

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To free yourself from emotional baggage you need a "Breakthrough Mechanism"

From being cheated on and controlled by his ex🤕…

…To finding the the woman God had for him💘

Here’s Alexander’s "Breakthrough" story🌅

Alexander, a successful lawyer, came to me, and he seemed frustrated, close to depressed.


“I found her in our bed, in the arms of another man..💔

He tried not to cry, but his voice broke into an acute shriek of sorrow.

Alexander threw out this desperate screech because he didn’t know why this entire situation happened…

 Now he’s hugging, kissing and cuddling with the woman of his dreams💋

beautiful and loving  angel sent by God, that he himself says he doesn’t deserve💍


After his girlfriend’s cheating he felt touch starved, and his self-esteem had taken a heavy hit…


I already worked with 200+ clients with Alexander’s problem so I knew exactly why he was suffering.


<<The reason your girlfriend abused you, and why you aren’t able to find a new partner…


Is because the emotional baggage that you have makes it daunting to bond with people.


Talking to your coworkers becomes tedious, imagine flirting with a beautiful woman😨


Good news is, you just need the Breakthrough Mechanism to eliminate emotional baggage>>


Alexander was uplifted. He never heard such advice.


All the dating advice he had previously read was:

– Advice that only made him feel bad or frustrated

– Fluffy, non-practical, and general. “Just be confident”.

– Only Red Pill techniques that teach you how to be a jerk with women.


He feared he didn’t know how to talk to people, how to tell if someone’s interested in him, that he was shy or that he wouldn’t be a good partner!

The Breakthrough Mechanism was the perfect solution to all these difficulties. 


A system of practices to:

-Free the mind of Emotional baggage,

-Become more confident

-Meet more women,

-Get more dates

-And find a loving girlfriend, in months, if not weeks.


3 months down the line he met a beautiful, caring, loving (and sexy ;)) woman that he himself says he does not deserve.


All of this thanks to the “Breakthrough Mechanism”.

I'm Nomsa, creator of the "Breakthrough Mechanism"🙂

🎯Matchmaker and coach
🎯5 years experience
🎯 500+ clients served
🎯 Multiple national interviews

👋I’m Nomsa, and my goal is for you to wake up close to someone who truly loves you, feeling their warmth, and knowing you’re not alone.


☀️You do all of this by eliminating your emotional baggage, so you can free yourself and find love.

This is the Breakthrough Mechanism 🌅

The Breakthrough Mechanism will help you shed emotional baggage and find someone who loves you for who you are.

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I wanted to share this “Breakthrough Mechanism” with as many people as possible, but there were two problems:

🔐 Only my clients know about the Breakthrough Mechanism.

💷 My clients pay £6,500+ for me to show the Mechanism to them.

So I hand-wrote the online dating manuscript:

"Date, Love, and Marry The Woman God Has For You💚

Navigating the journey of Love and Faith, Creating your own Voice and finding the Woman of your Dreams."

Where I package ALL the information I discovered about the breakthrough mechanism, 


In an affordable and easily consumable format.

This is the only manual where you’ll find the way to stop feeling inferior to other people just because you’re single, make your desperation disappear, get your confidence through the roof and attract the gorgeous, loving, one and only one that God has for you. 


WITHOUT having to be a jerk with women, no sexist manipulative tactics that consider all women predictable slot machines, and no “get inside of her as soon as possible” mentality, starting from tonight.

Here's what you'll find in the manuscript:

4-step self-image psychoanalysis to unleash your authentic self💪​

Discover the 4-step, 30 minute “self-image psychoanalysis” that my clients use to kill feelings of inadequacy, regret, self-judgement, and loneliness


 So you can create your own voice, say what you want, act like you want and make people respect you and like you for who you are, without being taken advantage of.

The “kill-your-ego” scientifically proven shortcut to skyrocketing your confidence through the roof! 😎

You’ll achieve a science-backed mindset shift, that will get you from shy, not good at talking to people, feeling like there’s something wrong with you or thinking you wouldn’t make a great partner


To being so charming and charismatic, that regardless of what you’ll say to a woman she’ll blush and respond with “Aww thank you, you’re so sweet!”


All of this in just a couple of minutes a day, and by killing your EGO!

The gentleman’s approach to filling your calendar with dates🌹

I’ll show you exactly how I helped hundreds of clients get 2-4 dates weekly with a very clear and concise “gentleman’s approach” with just 15 minutes of daily practice. 


You’ll learn how to effortlessly create excitement and attraction, flirt with women, have them want you and make you feel wanted,


So you can say goodbye to all those feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, touch starvation, and the creeping thoughts of “Something’s wrong with me because I am single”

From the first date to a never-ending honeymoon in a year or less💑

I’ll cover the exact “from first date to honeymoon” foolproof protocol  to flip the frame, eliminate desperation and make it so that you are the one choosing the best girlfriend among your options. 

The protocol also shows how to easily bond with a woman so that you go from first date to kissing and hugging and cuddling every day in a never-ending honeymoon, in just a matter of months, if not weeks.

Throw away the feeling of desperation and heart pounding fear, and start becoming the one who chooses the right woman for him!

Create your Organic Universal Vision🎯

I discovered a blueprint that will allow you to find, date and marry an incredibly gorgeous, loving, loyal (and sexy) woman, 


So that you can love each other for the rest of your life, build a family of beautiful, healthy and strong kids who go to school and carry the future of the father’s teachings to their own children. 



I’m so proud to be the only coach to have such a method, that I discovered seeing which of my clients ended up the happiest and in the most fulfilling long term relationships.


With this “blueprint” you can decide where you want your family to live, what you want it to look like and how to maintain the order that you created. This blueprint is called an “Organic Universal Vision”

Now, I want to ask you an honest question…

How much would it be worth to you, if I helped you find a loving, hard-working, beautiful and wonderful angel with whom you can kiss and cuddle?


How much would it be worth if I helped you eliminate that feeling of loneliness and touch starvation that kills you inside day by day, and that makes you feel lesser than everyone else?

Of course, you cannot answer me, but I wanted an honest, unfiltered opinion so I asked a client of mine the same question:

“What you did for me Nomsa was absolutely incredible, there are really no limits to the happiness I feel as I watch my beautiful wife sleep soundly besides me.

I look at her face and I think that there is no price I wouldn’t pay to have this view. No number I would consider too much”​

If you read this far down, I assume you agree that the presence of a beautiful woman who brings you out of your shell and loves you, is worth more than infinite…


But I have to warn you…


I’ve seen so many successful men get lied to and sold extremely expensive solutions by dating coaches and companies that didn’t even know what they were doing, just because their audience is wealthy men.

I’ve seen hundreds of men pay £5000 - £14000 in coaching and PUA trainings,

Just to be alone and get a notification saying “We do not offer any refunds”

I don’t want this to be you.


So when I first wrote the manuscript, I thought to myself “I should only charge the price of a single coaching session”

So, I priced the manuscript at £150,

Very reasonable for the life of joy that you obtain as a result of applying the breakthrough mechanism,

And the Step-By-Step Guide to Finding your Soulmate

But as I published it, I realised -so many people from foreign countries were also interested in buying it.

£150 is justifiable for finding your dream woman in the UK, but many people in African countries wanted it but couldn’t afford it…

I’m from Africa, so the issue touched me personally.

So I asked myself:

“Nomsa, this is the point where you decide what’s more important to you:

The money you will make from this project,

or the amount of impact that you want to have on the lives of thousands of hopeful single men?”

I chose the latter.

And I dropped the price by 90%.

£150 → £15

That’s because I know that by helping people find the woman God has for them, I am doing God’s work.


I believe in Destiny and I have Faith, and I know that if I do what’s righteous in the eyes of The Lord, I’ll be rewarded way more than £150.


The thing is, I don’t know if £15 is even enough to sustain the cost of marketing the product,


So I will be giving away this manuscript at £15, only to the people who landed on this page and made the commitment to read until here.


That means that you’re one of the lucky visitors who landed on this page and can get the bundle at the ultra discounted price!


So if you’re ready to completely transform your life, and go from:


Lonely, touch starved, sad, shy and unsure if people like you…


To a man who has a loving, beautiful, loyal and sexy woman by his side, who treats you like a king and makes you feel madly wanted…


Then click the button below and get instant access to the manuscript bundle!

Now before you go I want to ask you…

Do you think you will meet someone later?

Do you believe that the love of your life is something that you can skip? Something that you can put on hold for later?


I want to see you happy so I need to tell you, the window of opportunity for you to find a loving woman will eventually close down.


In the last 50 years, the number of married women in their thirties-forties almost DOUBLED, a 2018 study shows


Which means that more and more women are getting married earlier, and more and more men remain single forever after the ages of 35-44


Since you know that your chances of being single for the rest of your life are increasing day by day, I want to ask you another question…

Have you resigned yourself to being single for the rest of your life?

Or does the idea make you so afraid that it’s starting to affect your sleep and concentration?

You might also be frustrated seeing all of your childhood friends get married, with one or two children, and that you’re so behind your peers socially that no woman will show interest in you…


To the point where you stay up at night imagining the feeling of a warm body curled up next to you a night, 


How their fingers would feel like on your skin. 


To know they care and trust you enough to be so vulnerable with you, so open.


And you with them.


And then the fear that you’ll never get that pops into your head, 


And it crushes you to think that of all the billions of souls on this little planet, you are the one who gets left out…

And you're right to be afraid…

Women every day are getting married at rates significantly higher than men.


HALF of women exit dating before most men even turn 35…


The median age of marriage is 28-29 years old, which means that 50% of women after that age are already married.

The thing is, I’d love to say that TOMORROW you might have a chance at finding love, but I’m not sure…

So the only real solution is to take action now, as soon as possible.

This is the truth I discovered from 14 cumulative years of social work experience…


More and more younger women are getting married, and 50%+ of women near 30 are already married.


It’s your time to choose whether you want to write your own destiny, and find that beautiful partner before someone else steals her from you…


Or if you want to keep getting passed up by everybody.

And if the dating manuscript didn’t satisfy you, you can get a full refund, while STILL keeping the online copy!

That is my promise to you. If my writing doesn’t help you change your life within 30 days, you’re entitled to have a complete refund of the price you paid. Plus, you KEEP the manuscript!

God bless, live with grace💚