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Head of Matchmaking and Vice President

Elena is a seasoned professional in the world of matchmaking, holding the prestigious position of Head of Matchmaking and Vice President at the renowned dating company, HSEIA. With a passion for bringing people together, she has successfully overseen countless connections that have blossomed into meaningful relationships

Elena's dedication to helping individuals find their perfect match is matched only by her exceptional leadership skills, making her a respected figure both within the company and the broader dating community.

Nomsa Clara Mncube

Founder & President

Nomsa is the visionary CEO of HSEIA, a leading dating company. Her strategic leadership and passion for innovation have propelled HSEIA to global success. Under her guidance, the company embraces cutting-edge technology and maintains a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Nomsa's philanthropic efforts and commitment to inclusivity make her a respected and admired figure in the industry.

Beyond her professional achievements, Nomsa is also known for her philanthropic efforts, supporting initiatives that promote inclusivity, equality, and overall well-being in the dating community. Her inspirational leadership and dedication to helping people find love have earned her widespread respect and admiration, establishing Nomsa as a prominent figure and thought leader in the dating industry.

How Do We Match?

We offer memberships to individuals who apply and meet our qualification criteria. This allows us to have an extensive network of potential matches, enabling us to provide our clients with a customized search. Additionally, our matchmakers diligently work to network and recruit high-quality individuals who may not be easily found online. By serving as your personal “Love Harmonist,” we eliminate the need for you to engage in a numbers game. Our thorough process involves carefully selecting individuals whom we believe could be your potential life partner, taking into account your unique qualities and preferences.