Knowing that you’re single is killing you inside...💔

… Day by day a little more?🫀

Here's how to find the woman God has for you! 👇

(If you read this you could genuinely change your life.

I suggest you pause whatever you're doing and pay attention for just a couple of minutes.)

If you have thoughts like:

Thoughts like these are a symptom of subconscious emotional baggage rooted in your mind…

Emotional baggage will leave you single forever💔

Because emotional baggage traps the inner child🔗

When your inner child is trapped, it will lead to:

⚠️ Thinking you don’t know where to meet people,


⚠️ Shyness and thinking you’re not good at talking to new people,


⚠️ Unsure when someone is interested in you or not, and thinking you wouldn’t make a great partner.

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On the other hand, if you’re able to untrap the inner child you’ll be able to:

💗 Find a woman whose soul you can share and whose body you can feel.


💗 A woman destined to you by God, who brings you out of your shell.


💗 A woman with whom you can create a relationship full of happiness and joy,

To free yourself from emotional baggage you need a "Breakthrough Mechanism"

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From being cheated on and controlled by his ex…🤕

…To finding the the woman God had for him💗

How Godwin achieved his own Breakthrough Mechanism☀️

Godwin, a successful lawyer, came to me because of a relationship problem.

And at the start he seemed frustrated, close to depressed.

“I found her in our bed, in the arms of another man..”

A growl of frustration turned into a desperate cry for help.


He tried to keep himself from crying but the pain was so deep that it killed him inside.


Tears ran down his face and his controlled voice broke into an acute shriek of sorrow.


Godwin threw out this desperate cry because he didn’t know what caused this entire situation…


Three months later he was embracing, and kissing the woman of his dreams.


A woman sent to him by God. How?

I had already worked with 200+ clients with the same problem  as Godwin.


🌄He needed to find his “Breakthrough Mechanism”


At first he had no idea what I was talking about.


What is a “Breakthrough Mechanism?” He asked me.


It’s a process to free our minds of emotional baggage…


…And become ready to build loving human relationships again.


It’s a series of practical steps and mindset shifts to eliminate the past and focus on the now.


“The reason your girlfriend abused you, and why you aren’t able to find a new partner is because emotional baggage trapped your inner child…💚


With your inner child trapped, even talking to new people becomes tedious, imagine flirting with a beautiful woman😨


The good news is, you just need a Breakthrough Mechanism to eliminate this emotional baggage”


Godwin quickly lifted his head up and looked at me with eyes bigger by the second.


He was extremely surprised, and hopeful, when he heard that.


He had never heard such advice in his life, ever.


All the advice he could find was:

– Dating advice that only made him feel bad or frustrated.

– Fluffy, non-practical, general advice such as “Just be confident”.

– Red Pill techniques that teach you how to be a jerk with women.


You know what was so beautiful about all of this?

The Breakthrough Mechanism was the perfect solution for him to eliminate his emotional baggage fast. 

A system of practices to get him to meet more women, get more dates and find a loving girlfriend, in weeks.



Implementing it, he met more women and went on more dates.



3 months down the line, he found a woman just like he wanted her.



Now they’re probably planning their marriage and envisioning their future as a loving family❤️…



All of this thanks to the “Breakthrough Mechanism”.

I'm Nomsa, creator of the "Breakthrough Mechanism"🙂

🎯Matchmaker and coach
🎯5 years experience
🎯 500+ clients served
🎯 Multiple national interviews

👋I’m Nomsa, and my goal is for you to wake up close to someone who truly loves you, feeling their warmth, and knowing you’re not alone.


☀️You do all of this by eliminating your emotional baggage, so you can free yourself and find love.

This is the Breakthrough Mechanism 🌅

The Breakthrough Mechanism will help you shed emotional baggage and find someone who loves you for who you are.

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I wanted to share this “Breakthrough Mechanism” with as many people as possible, but there were two problems:

🔐 Only my clients know about the Breakthrough Mechanism.

💷 My clients pay £6,500+ for me to show the Mechanism to them.

So I hand-wrote the online dating manuscript:

"Make Her Desperately Desire You💚
The Modern Man's Guide to Breaking Out of Your Shell and Finding the Woman of Your Dreams."

Where I package ALL the information I discovered about the breakthrough mechanism, 


In an affordable and easily consumable format.

This is the only resource on dating that gives you a full step-by-step plan to finding and attracting the woman of your dreams.

All the text is tested by science, experience, and backed by religious principles.

Here’s what you’ll find in the manuscript:

The devil is behind you. Yes, right now.

In Part 1: Breaking Relationship Chains I discuss how the devil causes you to not be able to find love, and how to free yourself.

⛓ Heal and Eliminate years of trauma and turn you into the person that everybody wants to be with and be like


⛓ How to create your own authentic voice, without having trouble with people taking advantage of you

What does your dream woman’s body TASTE like?

In Part 2 : Finding The One, I’ll discuss what your dream woman looks like and how you can find her.


❤️ Fill your calendar with dates, even if you don’t know where to meet people, you’re shy or can’t tell if someone is interested.


❤️ How to have an amazing first date and progress from there until SHE becomes your girlfriend.

You’ll have a prophetic dream. Yes, you.

In Part 3: Creating Your Destiny, I discuss how to create your vision and see how you want your future to look like.


💍 How to progress the relationship along with your vision, create a family, and decide your destiny.


💍 How to solve the communication issues that come with the relationship and develop a bond of love that will last till death do you apart.

BONUS chapters:

❤️ How to turn a woman on (Exactly what to say to make her feel a burning emotional desire towards you.)

❤️ Psychological signals to discern if a woman is in love with you or not.


And if the dating manuscript didn’t satisfy you, you can get a full refund, while STILL keeping the online copy!

That is my promise to you. If my writing doesn’t help you change your life within 30 days, you’re entitled to have a complete refund of the price you paid. Plus, you KEEP the manuscript!

God bless, live with grace💚