Stephen, my brother, co-author of our bestselling book and wildly popular blogger on Get the Guy, started a revolution when he put out a manifesto called “The First Five Minutes.”

This revealing document was all over the internet and social media was blowing up everywhere with women talking about it.

(See what all the fuss was about

I am NOT naturally charismatic. I know, I know…and it goes deeper: I am not a master communicator. I was not born to be a radio or television personality. Hell, I’m not even an extrovert.

I’m an introvert who overcame crippling shyness to build a global coaching brand and become a New York Times bestselling author, a YouTube sensation, an international speaker and an in-demand television and radio personality.

And I did it by discovering a secret Formula that I applied to my life to get meteoric results, practically overnight.

I’d kept this secret to myself for five years because, well, who would want to admit that their confident public persona and apparently natural charisma was actually something planned down to the smallest detail?

But once the cat was out of the bag, that’s when the madness REALLY began…

Stephen’s “The First Five Minutes” caused such hysteria that women from all corners of the world were contacting me, demanding to know my secret Formula.

And as much as it pained me to admit it, Stephen was actually right…

I’ve been able to help millions of women completely transform their love lives using my Get the Guy techniques

.. I owed it to them to show them how to get that same success in every other area of their lives.

His exposé became the match that lit the fuse for my most popular program ever – IMPACT: How to Sell Yourself and Get Everything You Want.

Once I finally decided to release this long-held-secret program to an elite group of women, every single one of the spaces sold out in 49 hours with a huge waiting list begging to get in.

And this life-changing program is now transforming these select few into women of power, confidence, charisma, and influence…

… allowing them to create success, love, respect, admiration, and opportunities beyond their wildest dreams. (I’ll share some of their stories with you in an upcoming email…)

No matter how many people have begged to get access, Impact has been closed to new members…

Until now.

Ok, I can’t say any more just yet, but something BIG is happening tomorrow, so watch social media closely for a huge announcement…

And when it comes – open it up immediately.

Because THIS is going to be life-changing.

And you’re *not* going to want to miss out again.

P.S. What I’m going to be sharing with you is something less than 0.1% of the world knows.

I’m going to finally reveal the insider secrets that celebrities, politicians, and business moguls have kept to themselves forever…

And I’m going to teach YOU how to live life on a level you can’t even imagine… practically overnight.

This may be the most powerful information you’ve ever seen from me, and when you see how it transforms your life, you’re going to be blown away.

Your coach,
Matt xx