The first thing you must determine is what your feelings and intentions towards each other are becoming as your relationship begins to mature. Are you “going steady”, ” in a relationship” or still just dating fairly exclusively. is-this feeling a mutual one or does one partner have a different perspective and evaluation in their mind ? If you do indeed have a good relationship building, is their true commitment on both side?

To be sure we all understand what these terms mean, let’s look at some definitions for the important ones:

Date-” A social appointment or engagement for a specific time and place.”

Relationship-” position of one person with respect to another; a connection or affinity, a kinship which suggests mutual regard and affection.”

Commitment-” An Engagement or pledge to do something ; commit; to devote oneself unreservedly,”

Now here come’s the Commitment part, You get to the point where you accept your partner for better or for worse and go beyond the fantasy of early dating to build something of real value.”

“Your Partner makes you feel good and it is mutual; you spend lots of time together on vacations and at home; spend time with each other’s families and friends.”

“You are both sensitive to each other’s feelings ; you become each other’s priority and place each other first.”

“You both have changed viewpoints . It is getting more involved; new feelings and a special closeness.”

” You know each other-‘s feelings pretty well, you are comfortable together and can’t wait to see the other-person.”

” You start making plans , spending more and more time together as feelings for each other increase.”

Big commitment

Considering living together, Thinking about getting married then you both Surrender

Finding out that you are sharing your lives and experience; more open, placing the other person first. Sharing , communicating , engagement and then marriage.

Really thinking of yourselves as one person in effect, merging your personalities and dreams.

No reservations about helping the other person in the relationship in any way possible, with little regard to the time involved or the changes in priorities that you have to make.

Love and Devotion

In order for you to analyze just what’ the status of your situation in a relationship, you need to ask yourselves some question, like;

How often do we see each other during a week?

How many times do we talk on the phone and how long do we normally talk?

Do we actually go out on “dates” or just mostly ” hang around “, watch TV and send out for pizza?

Do you try to do a lot of different things together and really try get to know each other as best as possible?

Are you “intimate” in your discussion of feelings, fears, concerns and desires?

Are intimate physically and emotionally and are you starting to see each other as possible the ” Great Love Of your lives”?

Do you feel as if you would never want to lose this persons; do you need each other- and think about each other frequently when you are not together?

Is it possible that You are in a relationship with commitment on Your part, but your partner says’s ” we are just dating”?

These are some of the questions and answers that help to define what a relationship has become and whether it will probably continue on a serious basis.

The first phases of any relationship can be confusing, difficult and also very rewarding, if they become the basis for a long term, good relationship. You must maintain a balance between being very open and communicating well and being careful not to create unnecessary friction based on the discussion of” touchy” subjects. Once you have established basic report, the more delicate areas of each other’s past or present can be carefully discussed, If Necessary. The most important thing is you build a strong future relationship to date, not the ” must tell all” concept that something brings that just are not relevant to the future.


Don’t continua-sly ask pointed questions that put your partner on the sport or which may lead up to negative subject matter. Avoid questions that are related to health specifies , age and other- personal items. These facts will come Out eventually, but don’t make your dates like FBI INTERROGATION. IT TAKES TIME TO REALLY KNOW SOMEONE AND YOU WILL LEARN BEST AND FASTEST IF YOU JUST DO A LOT OF THINGS TOGETHER IN A RELAXED FASHION.