Joining As A Man

At Hope Springs Eternal INTRODUCTION AGENCY, We Do All the Work of Finding Your Matches So You Can Have All the Fun!

You are successful, well rounded, and everyone considers you a catch – so why does it feel so hard to find the right person to date?

Everything in your life is going great, except when it comes to dating. Why is it so hard to meet good people? Why do so many women that you meet seem to be disappointing or unavailable or unreliable? How can you find a woman who loves you for who you are, not just for the trappings and symbols of your success and status?

You are not alone. Many successful single men find themselves missing something in their lives: the love of an exceptional woman. With the demands of your busy life and career, you just don’t have the time to devote to a serious search for love on your own. You deserve an exceptional woman that will enhance and reflect the discerning lifestyle you have created for yourself, a woman that understands and appreciates your journey and your accomplishments – a woman who helps make your life bigger and better.

At Our Matchmaking Dating Site we will only introduce you to beautiful and sophisticated single women who are interested in having a long-term relationship with an accomplished, dynamic man like you. The women in our network are educated, professional, interested in travel and culture and the best experiences in life; they have built successful lives of their own and now they’re looking for someone amazing to share life with.

With Hope Springs Eternal Introduction agency, our team will dedicate their time to get to know exactly what you are looking for so every one of your introductions will meet or exceed your criteria.

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Joining As A Woman

Are You Tired of Playing the Dating Game?

Ready to Meet Successful Single Men Who Are Looking for a Serious Long-term Relationship (AGE 25- 65)

Free Diamond Dating Book membership

Our free Diamond Dating Book is every single woman’s dream: a database of attractive, educated, eligible and desirable singles who our service has personally met with and vetted. To join us:

  1. Submit a confidential application form with two recent photos.
  2. Our professional staff will review your application and arrange for a free consultation.
  3. If we believe we have a great match for you to meet, we will contact you to set up additional time for you and our matchmakers to get acquainted.

Our free Diamond Dating Book membership means there is no specific time frame in which your first match may happen. It could be tomorrow or in several months. However, there are many lucky single women who have met their future life partners by joining our free Diamond Dating Book membership.

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What We Do?

We are a results-oriented matchmaking Service!

Our matchmaking dating service helps people have one of a kind connections, profoundly beautiful experiences and lifelong memories.

We are looking for individuals who are ready for a serious relationship, who are looking to find that special person, who have created exceptional lives and who deserve exceptional partners to share life with.

Join us today! Begin your love story with us, and you will cherish your love story for many years to come.


Our Process

Our goal is to connect you with the love of your life, while you’re busy living your life. Our HSEIA® process uses proven evaluation tools and personality assessments adapted from the world of executive recruiting that allow us to accurately identify your preferences and desires.

Through our matchmaking service, we select the most qualified candidates that meet your exacting criteria. This spares you time and money on disappointing dates, and expands your pool of prospective dating connections so that you can find your ideal match as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Hope Springs Eternal Introduction Agency Search offers two ways to become a member: our fee-based Client program for women and our paid program for men. Regardless of which program you choose, we will always honour your privacy and preferences. Both programs are 100% custom, confidential, and offline.

Join today and before you know it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t join sooner.


When you register with our matchmaking agency, the matchmaker will take the time to get to know you as an individual. We will ask detailed and provocative questions that reveal the nature and character of the person, likes and dislikes, life ambition and goals, accomplishments and dreams, past relationships and experiences, finances, education and a lot more. Our rigorous process helps to ensure that our clients will be carefully matched and better protected; we protect your confidentiality and we make sure that we match you with people who are an ideal fit for the total picture of who you are.

Marital Status: This is a matchmaking service for single people who are seeking a serious long-term relationship. By registering with the agency, the client warrants that they are not married. If they are separated, but not yet legally divorced, they may not use or register to use the service – please come back to register after your divorce is final.

Initial Interview

Hope Springs Eternal Introduction agency will conduct a personal interview to screen each match. This screening process also allows our matchmakers to evaluate factors like personality, values, lifestyle, emotional availability, and appearance.

This screening process is customized for each client and will include necessary inquiries to ascertain important information relevant to the client’s search. This will help us get to know our client and answer any questions from the client about how we work. This is how we ensure everyone we work with is a good fit for our Dating agency and a strong candidate for meeting our exceptional single men and women.

Match Selection & Dating

Any potential singles who have been chosen as your match undergo an in-depth screening process. This includes a screening and a personal interview to make sure we are introducing you to your best possible match. Once we feel confident about a potential match, you will be presented with a comprehensive profile that contains photos and pertinent information, so you can decide if you would like us to make the introduction.

Matchmaker Feedback & Review

After each introduction, your matchmaker will be the first person you talk to. We want to hear all about your date, including what went well and what could have gone better. This allows us to refine our search, so we can bring you closer to your perfect match.

Personal Search, Selective Introductions

Perhaps the most exciting phase of the matchmaking process is when both clients who we have paired as prospective matches meet in person for their first date! This is your opportunity to spend time together to get a sense for a comprehensive idea of what the other person is like, from the standpoints of chemistry, personality, and lifestyle, as well physical attraction.

We are highly discerning in who we introduce for a date. We only introduce our clients to “must meet” candidates who we believe have the greatest chance of compatibility; we will share your personal details with only a limited number of selective introductions, and your confidentiality will never be compromised.

The agency will respect your boundaries; we understand that some people want more guidance and support, others less. We will help our clients according to their need, not ours; we will always ask questions if we don’t know what the clients want. People have different tastes, preferences and ideas and we are non-judgmental – our goal is to support you in finding the right person to start your new love story.

All introductions will be personally hand-selected, based on human matchmakers’ intuition for who would make a good match for you – not computer matched. The agency has clients from all career paths and industry sectors, including corporate executives, business owners, physicians, athletes, entertainment industry professionals, tech tycoons, engineers, politicians, independently wealthy high net-worth individuals. Our network of potential matches represents all different ages, backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, lifestyles and stages of life.

Whoever you’re looking for, whoever you’re open to meeting, we can help connect you.

Transparent Compensation

The agency has no hidden fees. We will not charge our clients extra for consultations, monthly fees, or relationship coaching. While extra fees have become the norm among other agencies in our industry, we offer a discreet, discerning service with the professionalism and respect that our matchmaking clients deserve.

Client Consultation

Once you decide to join our matchmaking agency as our client, you will have an in-depth consultation with our matchmaker to determine what is most important in your personal search criteria. Your matchmaker will prove to be your guide and confidant – as well as your cheerleader – throughout the process.

This stage is all about clarifying what you are looking for in a mate, including: family background, education, hobbies and interests, religious background and observance, personal values and morals, previous relationship experience, and relationship deal breakers. We work with psychologists and we are experts at getting to the heart of what is most important to you, so we can get to work finding your perfect match. Another consideration to keep in mind, which is important to many of our entrepreneur clients, is which city or cities would you like to live in, and would you be willing to relocate. Some of our clients have multiple homes and split their time amongst a few cities around the world; they are often looking for a partner who is flexible on where they are willing to live.

We can also help arrange the first date if needed, but usually our clients prefer to make the first phone call themselves. We are happy to make introductions and then defer to you on how to meet and get acquainted.

Hope Springs Eternal introduction Agency offers our clients a truly international matchmaking experience, operating in all major metropolitan areas of the United Kingdom and a wide selection of other countries.

Membership Benefits

Your Elite HSEIA International matchmaking membership grants you exclusive access to professional photographers, stylists and makeup artists, relationship counselors, dating and singles coaches, and more!

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